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Yacht charter in Croatia


Dubrovnik is one of amazing cities in Croatia. Our first meal in this city was excellent that exceeded our expectations throughout the day. We found welcoming attitude everywhere and enjoy the favorite restaurants with great features like authentic food, Croatian beer and wine.

Velmundi yacht charter

Yacht charter in Croatia is the best way of spending sailing vacations. In Croatia you can rent a yacht from Pula region, from surroundings of Zadar, from Dubrovnik or from beautiful city of Sibenik. Taking yacht in barebaot charter has many adventages: you can sail wherever you want, you can stay in a place you like so long as you prefer. We are big fans of sailing yachts but also of catamarans which are faster, more spacious, but their charter is more expensive. We make some rankings of Charter Operators and we will publish them later so. We will also answer the following questions: How to charter a yacht? Where is the best place to charter a yacht in Croatia? When is the best time for renting a yacht for the perfect sailing holiday. Details soon.

Bisevo - blue cave

Bisevo is one of the famous Islands in Croatia which is situated in the middle of the Dalmatian. There, we hired a boat to take us to the Bisevo and visited the Blue cave which is the most outstanding to see that appears very attractive blue in the noon light. However, it was a nice place to spend and want to see this place again in the lifetime.

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The Pula is located on the tip of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula, which has a long beached line-coast, protected harbor and Roman ruins. There are some impressive places in Pula are pavement cafes, modern bars and boutiques and more. This city is the best place for shopping. It was a wonderful time for us to spend in this city and enjoyed all those places.

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Sukosan and Trogir

The yacht charter located in Sukosan provides a wide range of yachts and sailing boats. We have visited a village named as Bibinje, a large marina on the Adriatic. This city is an ideal starting point for all visitors to see the nearby National park Kornati, Galerija Klovic and Telescica Nature Park.

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